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Posted by: earthfare | November 14, 2012 14 Comments

Jack Talks Turkey

Posted by earthfare

Don’t let a frozen turkey wreck your Thanksgiving dinner! Reserve Your Bird at Earth Fare today. Click here for more details.

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14 Responses to “Jack Talks Turkey”

  1. Don’t let a frozen turkey wreck your Thanksgiving dinner! well I haven’t bought a turkey from Earthfare so I don’t know how they taste. But I do know when I first came to Earthfare when you first opened in Huntsville Al. The food at the hot bar was good I enjoyed looking forward eating at the store 2 or 3 times a week. But for about 5 months I and a lot of other customers will not eat at Earthfare anymore. The food is processed full of sugar, mushrooms, msg and the list goes on. We can get this kind of food anywhere It’s extreemely unhealthy and this is no longer a health food store. Sugar is causing dibities and other diseases, feeds cancer and causes cancer. MSG kills brain cells anoung other diseaes. Mushrooms are full of mold some people can’t eat them. And it goes on with the bad ingredience causing diseases.
    When you cooked the food fresh and baked the pasteries from scratch it was wounderful now it has gone to pot it’s terriable. And people want sugar free pasteries made with stevia or zylitol also in their food at the hot bar and also in all the food lines in the store. Earthfare is no longer a health food store. Could you bring back the way they were cooking and baking when you first opened the store in Huntsville Al. I am speaking for a lot of people I would think you would want to stay in business. I honestly don’t know how you can call yourself a health food store.

    Thank you


    Charlotte Gharib

  2. Hi Charlotte – thanks for voicing your concerns. It’s important for us to hear from our customers! We never ever use MSG. Everything in our stores, including hot bar items, abide by our Food Philosophy ( – which means that MSG is a definite no-no. There are a few dishes that include mushrooms and yes, sometimes sugar is used in a recipe but it is not added if it’s not called for. Are there certain dishes that you used to come in for but do not see as an option any more? I’m passing your comments along to our Food Service director for review and advising our team to look into more sugar-free options. Thanks again for your feedback. We hope you have a happy new year!



  3. I’m trying to contact someone on the Earthfare corporate side re: issues at my local store. The only email address on your website is and I do not want to spend the time typing the email if it is just going to be ignored. Is there any alternative way to contact you other than this email address?



  4. Could you please look into opening a MIDTOWN MEMPHIS location. Midtown Memphis has been lacking a health food store for many years now while midtowners were the ones that started the “eat healthy” movement. I think that it is unfair for midtowners and downtowners that we have to drive 20 minutes to either Whole Foods or Fresh Market in East Memphis. Midtown is a very trendy neighborhood that has had a successful health food store that expanded twice before eventually moving to their current location in East Memphis to a supermarket sized space after being bought out by Whole Foods. They just recently bought the Office Depot building next door which is even larger which means that they will not be returning to midtown. Why would they if we already have to go their current location anyway? Rumor has it that Fresh Market is looking into opening a midtown location but I am not that impressed with Fresh Market. Anyway, please look into it before a lesser brand beats you to it!



  5. Hi Sadie. All of the emails we receive are responded to in a timely manner. The correct email is Please note that with the launch of our new Tomato Bank program, we are receiving a higher number of emails at this time so it may take a little longer for you to receive a response!



  6. Thanks Will! I will pass this along to our real estate development team!



  7. What about GMO foods ? Do you sell any ? It has not been mentioned to my knowledge– they are banned in Europe I have heard- I shop at the Athens ga store- nice and nice staff– are you saying that you do not sell anything with the bad things on that chart ? Thank you , z roper


    Zan roper

  8. Hi,

    It will be nice if you add the basic cooking instructions for the uncooked grains on the website.(like couscous,millet).



  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass it along!



  10. Hi Zan – thanks for your interest in our store! We would love to ban GMOs and support the labeling of them. However, since they are not labeled, we cannot guarantee that they are not in some of the products we carry. We carry items that abide by our Food Philosophy ( and we would be more than happy to be able to add GMOs to that list. The best way to try and avoid GMOs at this time is to buy organic. You can also look for products that have the Non-GMO Project image. We urge you to contact your congressmen and tell them you want GMOs to be labeled! I hope this helps to answer your questions.



  11. I’d like to learn more about Earth Fare as you’re new to our community. Unfortunately, your website is one of, if not, the most user-unfriendly ever! It’s nearly unnavigable.


    Mark Svihel

  12. Hi Mark! Thanks for your interest in Earth Fare. We are currently working on our new website that will be launching this spring. We have taken into consideration the feedback from our customers and can’t wait to launch our new and improved site!



  13. I was looking for cassava and white or african yams which is suppose to be rich in thiocyanate. Do you have either of these.


    Joanne Williams

  14. Hi Joanne – we carry cassava in most of our stores. If your local store does not have it available, they may be able to order it for you. Our Westgate store in Asheville, NC is the only store that carries African Yams). Hope this helps!



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