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Posted by: earthfare | October 19, 2012 4 Comments

Jack’s Great Sandwich Adventure – part 3

Posted by earthfare

Jack is back on the road, biking the home stretch toward Earth Fare to finally get his Reuben sandwich. He’s so close he can practically taste it when he spots an Earth Fare Team Member broken down on his way to work. Can he help out and still have the energy to make it to Earth Fare? Will he ever eat a Reuben? Watch to find out!

Special thanks to Victoria C. and Judy L., whose story ideas helped create this video!

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4 Responses to “Jack’s Great Sandwich Adventure – part 3”

  1. I am sorry! I did not understand the format for this! I cannot play videos on my laptop, and thought the story was just to be ‘furthered” as we wrote….count me out, sadly…I did enjoy the writing excercise however when I was in my state of confusion…thanks!


    Jan Clark

  2. Great, creative marketing outreach! I ride my bike from my neighborhood to Earth Fare here in Montgomery, AL (very convenient), and have been wishing for a bike rack where I could lock it up while getting the great fresh produce. I’ve been also been wishing that y’all would carry one of our local producers of organic flour, To Your Health Sprouted Flour. I know they’ve been able to sell to customers around the world, but Earth Fare has been very difficult for them to get in touch with. It sure would add to the community feel of riding my bike to the store if I could buy local organic product there. Any way y’all could look into that? Please let me know.



  3. Thanks for your comments Meridith! I’ll pass along the info about the flour to our grocery buyers so they can look into it and let management know about your interest for a bike rack. Have a great day!



  4. Meridith – I just heard back from our grocery buyers. We are currently working to get their product into Earth Fare – it might take a while to work out the details, but we should have them in the next few months!



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