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Posted by: earthfare | September 7, 2012 23 Comments

Jack Begins His Great Sandwich Adventure

Posted by earthfare

Jack is hitting the road for the first leg of his Great Sandwich Adventure. Instead of car-ing up an otherwise beautiful day, he decides to bike. What could be more simple than a man pedaling his way toward his sandwich dreams?

Not so fast! Jack’s big heart slows him down. Watch and comment to tell us what obstacle Jack faces next on this Reuben odyssey. If we pick your suggestion, we’ll send you a $25 Earth Fare gift card for your own Great Sandwich Adventure.

And congratulations to Terri and Kate, whose combined comments formed this story.

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23 Responses to “Jack Begins His Great Sandwich Adventure”

  1. Hi..
    I wanted to klnow if this store is doing any hiring? I am currently looking for a job and this store seems like it would be a great place to work.


    Elisabeth Walker

  2. Jack has a flat tire, but as luck would have it, the bike shop is only 2 blocks away so he gets his flat tire fixed and is on his way again. GO JACK!!



  3. Hi Elisabeth – here’s a link to all of our current job postings. You can also check with your local store to see if they are hiring for cashiers, etc, as those positions are not always posted here.



  4. As he is riding down the road he gets caught in a herd of sheep or cattle that have broken out of their fence and are covering the road. He has to help get them back into the field so they do not get hurt.



  5. Jack was a good samaritan in helping the dog find its way home — he knew he could pick up his delicious sandwich from Earth Fare once he completed this mission.


    Bobbie Stevenson

  6. Jack is off again on his bike ride, only it begins to rain and he dashes under an overpass and to his surprise some young kids playing a guitar and singing are also there, and he takes a moment to enjoy the music while the rain passes.


    Kim Allen

  7. Jack sees a yard sale and stops because a kid is selling lemonade for 50 cents a glass. Jacks thirsty and found a bargain at the yard sale. Yay Jack.


    Glenda Collins

  8. Jack spots the Hamburglar running from the police, chases him down, tackles him, tells him the dangers of eating unhealthy food and invites the police and the hamburglar to Earth Fare for a Ruben Sandwich.



  9. Jack encounters a very pregnant driver with a flat tire. He helps her change it and she starts having labor pains. He calls for help and stays with her till an ambulance arrives.



  10. Jack continues his journey only to pass a house who’s water sprinkler is on a timer and decides to let loose on our friend Jack. He is soaked and must change his clothes before continuing his journey!


    Mary Dodd

  11. Jack can almost taste the ruebun as he pedals his bicycle through the heavy 5:00 traffic. Once the traffic light changes, Jack get ready to be on his way, however, two vehicles reach the intersection and there is a fender bender. Jack stops to see is he can be of any assistance. Seeing that neither of the drivers are hurt, he continues on his way.


    Judy Lester

  12. Jack passes a small pond on his way, noticing a bottle bobbing up and down that appears to have a message inside. Jack quickly bikes over to the pond, opens the bottle and pulls out a message saying “Please help. I need a Ruben sandwich,” with an address stating where to find the hungry individual. Jack, being the caring man that he is, realizes he must help this person. I mean after all, they NEEDED a Ruben sandwich. To be continued…


    Catherine Ray

  13. Jacks “good deed” is complete for the day and the lost pup is safe at home. Jack starts peddling down the street dreaming about the best Reuben in town and unexpectedly a rain cloud starts moving in. Unfortunately, Jack’s cell phone is not water proof and he needs to seek shelter till the showers pass. While under shelter, Jack decides to call Earth Fare from speed dial and places his “Great Sandwich Adventure” order knowing the rain drops shall by pass within minutes…


    Eric Scherr

  14. Five minutes into the ride, Jack realizes he forgot his wallet and his grocery bags. He doubles back to his home, grabs his wallet and his grocery bags, turns off his stove (which he noticed he forgot to do when he left before), and heads back out on the road.


    Victoria Clemmons

  15. Chapter 2: Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Murph thinks he will ride his bike today, get some excercise, fresh air, aahhhh….the best laid plans of mice and men. Rounding the corner there is dog on the side of the road with a leash still connected! ‘Not barking…” Jack notices, maybe it’s safe to stop? Off he jumps, and the pooch lays at his feet. No name, no tag, not sure about a chip, hmmmm, what to do what to do…he offers some water, it’s accepted. Will he run on the side of the bike Jack wonders? Can I knock on a door? Looks like a nice ‘hood….But he doesn’t really want to leave him with a stranger. So into the back pack goes the dog. He doesn’t wiggle, just pokes his head out, and off they go, with a lick on the neck every so often! Jack makes it to the store, Earth Fare, of course, and the first smell touching both their noses is, you guessed it, a fragrant corned beef and kraut beaut, the king of sandwiches, the REUBEN!! Jack and Fenway, this lucky dogs’ new name till his owners are found, share this work-of- art sandwich until a young couple race in and exclaim Fluffly!!!! We tried to follow you on the bike but with the short cuts you took we lost you! It was miracle we saw this nice man on the patio with our Fluffy! So all’s well that end’s well, AY? And they ordered a Reuben to-go!
    (PS, my dog’s name is Murphy in real life, so I thought I’d thow that Murph in at the beginning for my own little smile.)


    Jan Clark

  16. As he is riding to Earth Fare he comes across a homeless man who is hungry so he takes him to Earth Fare and buys him lunch.


    Sarah alexander

  17. As Jack is cruising past a vacant lot on his bike with the sleepy rag-doll snoozing pooch he decided to adopt to join him in his anticipated Reuben delight, he spies a quarter-sized purple spotted bean lying in the gutter. He brakes and pushes his bike back to where he spotted it. Surprisingly when poochie sees the bean, her ears shoot up and her tail begins wagging like it’s possessed by a windshield wiper on high.

    Delighted with the reaction the lethargic ragged flea-bag stray has to the bean, Jack decides to see if this pooch can fetch. He flicks the gibbous moon-shaped legume into the vacant field as pooch leaps after it from the bike’s front basket. As the bean lands, an anaconda-like spring green shoot springs from the ground, taking the animated pooch with it high up into the sky as it twists, turns, writhes upward, sprouting lush heart-shaped leaves and tri-colored blossoms and long, lush pods in all directions. Without hesitation, Jack sprints toward the stalk.


    Julie Mullis

  18. I am mentioning you left and right, EarthFare, in my blog documenting my 3 Week Metabolic Cleanse…your blended drinks station is saving me from falling off the wagon! :)


    Laura Mortenson Pavlides

  19. Woo-hoo! Good luck :)



  20. I just wanted to contact you because I am a loyal customer, spending 100 to 250 a week in groceries at the Raleigh Earthfare. I was there the first week you opened; I have become friends with all your butchers, even calling them ahead of time to put orders in for our lamb chop crowns for Christmas last year and our roast on most Sundays. My kids even helped plant the garden on the side of Earthfare.

    So I am writing this because I want to go back to Earthfare but have had a very hard time walking thru your doors lately.

    At the beginning of football season I asked the manager if he would consider sponsoring my kids football team by donating some juice boxes, oranges and a snack for 8 games to feed 28 kids that come from south Durham and whose parents work in RTP and all over the triangle area. I told him most of these parents do not know Earthfare but I thought it would be a good way to introduce Earthfare to the parents but most importantly it would give these kids a healthier option from the regular sugar drinks that show up after game-time.

    His response was that since they were most likely not going to become loyal shoppers that it would not be something that they could sponsor. Frankly Jack, I was disappointed. These parents do not shop at Eathfare because they don’t know that their kids would like healthy food! Why buy something that may be wasted is their mentality. There are many Americans that think a health food store just has sprouts, weird nut butters and kombucha to drink. These are also the folks that if they see a big banner or tent and their kids eating foods from a healthy market may consider walking thru the doors of Earthfare. I realize you have a free dinner opportunity for kids on Thursday but I was suggesting Earthfare go to them.


    Maritza Pearce

  21. Hi Maritza – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our stores have a budget for these types of sponsorships and sometimes it can be difficult to help everyone. Those closest to our “backyard” usually take priority, however we love to reach out to other communities as well. I would love for you to contact Ashely, Raleigh’s Community Relations Manager at – she is in charge of the store’s budget and may be able to help you out in the future! I’m not sure if your kids’ football team would qualify, but you can also look into our Friends of Earth Fare Foundation for additional scholarships and funding: I’m really sorry for your disappointment in Earth Fare and can only hope that you are willing to give us a second chance. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Thank you!



  22. Jack invites the lady dog owner to jump on her bike and join him and the dog for a the great ruebun sandwich.



  23. As Jack rides through the neighborhood the other dogs see him and the dog he has invited to lunch, so now Jack has a convoy of dogs following him. He treats them all out to lunch .



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