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Posted by: earthfare | August 20, 2012 18 Comments

Introducing…Jack’s Great Sandwich Adventure!

Posted by earthfare

Jack is on his way to get his sandwich at Earth Fare. What obstacles does he face along on the way? Does he have to walk across hot lava? Fight off a dragon with a plastic fork? Or does he simply get caught in traffic?

You tell us! Comment below and let us know what obstacle you’d like to see Jack overcome in order to get to his Reuben. We’ll pick our favorite and feature it in Jack’s next video! If your adventure is selected, we’ll send you a $25 Earth Fare gift card for your own Great Sandwich Adventure.

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18 Responses to “Introducing…Jack’s Great Sandwich Adventure!”

  1. Jack is going to have to run and skip, and take a sip or two of good ole Earth Fares bottled water to stay hydrated. On the way he is going to pass some fast food joints, but this is no temptation for Jack who is so excited to get his teeth sunk into that tender reuben sandwich smothered with cheese and saurkraut and Thousand Island dressing on that undeniable great tasting pumpernickel bread. Yumm! I’m now tempted myself. You think I can out run him even though I’m probably a little bit older and also a woman. You’r darn bet I could!


    Carol Gibbons

  2. Once upon a time, there was boy named Jack…
    and since ‘You don’t know Jack’, I will tell you a little about him, and a lunch time adventure he recently had.
    On a beautiful day in New England, he called his dog named Quimby, took his inner tube, and off they went to the river. On the way, he was held up by a parade. The Yankee’s had won another World Series! (That’s what I’m talkin’ about!) He did not know that the parade was happening because you see, the Red Sox had were not in the play-offs, and he had no need to watch ESPN after the All-Star game anyway. It was a depressing sight, and Jack thought to himself, “maybe I should just go home, forget about tubing,” but he continued on his way when the coast was clear and entered the park, ran down the river bank and with out looking carefully, threw in his tube and jumped in as usual. It had rained upstream and the river was not its’ friendliest…the water was much faster and as the river narrowed it became even more treacherous! They hung on for dear life, but around a bend, a tree had fallen across the river, caught Jack by surprise and tore him right from the tube. Unconscious, he went under and surfaced until he was stopped by a sand bar down stream. Fearless Quimby hung on! When he could jump to a log, off he raced to find the nearest home. He led the little Irish woman of the house to Jack, and she lifted his head to hear what he was saying….”mumble…mumble…Tubin’ and need a Reuben, tubin’ and need a Reuben…” was the phrase little Jack was mumbling over and over….She scooped him up, (she was strong from lifting all those Pints her whole Irish life) took him to the closest deli, ordered up a Reuben, extra kraut, and waved it under his nose. Voila! He came back to life, grabbed that sandwich, and didn’t even thank the woman until every bite was gone. Everyone cheered, the whole town threw another parade, this time for Jack, and Quimby rode on the Fire Truck. Afterwards, they continued the celebration with a clam bake and lobster roast, (vegan’s had alternative choices) and Aero Smith and MeatLoaf played a free concert for all. It was the only MeatLoaf some of those vegans had ever been that close to. It turned out to be truly another beautiful day in New England after all.
    Now you can say that you at least know a little about Jack. And course, they all lived healthily ever after. The End.


    Jan Clark

  3. Why is my comment still awaiting moderation?


    Carol Gibbons

  4. Hi Carol – your comment is approved. We check for comments periodically throughout the day so they might not always be approved right away! Thanks for commenting!



  5. as Jack is leaving his annoying Boss comes up to him and hands him a stack of work he needs to complete before going to lunch. Jack sneaks out the back door anyways he is soooo hungry. He figures he will be back in 5 minutes and nobody will notice. He gets into his car only to have trouble starting it but alas it starts and he is off. He turns onto the main street and right into a traffic jam. Ahhhhh. The light turns green and he can make it through surprisingly fast it seems like all the stars are aligning. He walks into get his sandwich but the line is soo long. Thank goodness Earth Fares employees are fast and Jack has his sandwich in no time. He makes back to the office and sits down at his desk just in time. His boss walks in and sees Jack hard at work and commends on being a Team Player.


    Victoria Cedeno

  6. As Jack heads out to the Asheville Earth Fare to buy his delicious reuben, he is waylaid by a group of angry demonstrators wearing sandwich boards which read “Save the HFCS!” No, this isn’t a rare type of bird whose marshland habitat is being compromised. These citizens who have journeyed to Asheville to protest the removal of products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup from the Earth Fare shelves. Jack is able to fight his way through the mob (given that he is quicker and healthier than most of them) and gets to Earth Fare just in time to get his sandwich. Just one of the hazards of living in beautiful Asheville…


    Erin Hicks

  7. As Jack is driving to EarthFare, he sees a stray dog (scraggly looking, undernourished, some cuts, full of matts and ticks) on the side of the road who will surely get hit by a car if he isn’t rescued. Jack stops and tries to coax the dog into his car, but it isn’t easy. The dog has been out on his own for a while and isn’t trusting of humans. After about an hour, Jack finally gets the dog into the car. But now what? Jack is hungry and wants to eat. Obviously, the dog is hungrier and needs medical attention. Jack postpones his lunch and takes the frightened dog to a veterinarian. The stray will recover from his medical issues, and, hopefully, from his psychological trauma if he gets a good home. Jack hadn’t been thinking about getting a dog, but he’s already bonded to this helpless creature that needs someone to love him. Jack decides to adopt the stray and his life is changed forever. The stray, now named Bowser, gives Jack a big kiss and rides to EarthFare with Jack. Jack finally gets his sandwich and Bowser gets a supply of dog food and toys.


    Terri David

  8. Jack decides to bike to Earth Fare instead of drive his car. Jack tries to bike places when they aren’t too far. It reduces his carbon emissions, helps save his family money, and gives him an opportunity to stretch his legs and enjoy the sunshine on his lunch break.

    Jack straps on his messenger bag, tightens the chin strap on his helmet, rolls up his suit pant leg, and hops on his road bike bound for Earth Fare.

    En Route, Jack dodges the occasional pot hole and inconsiderate driver. The real challenge comes when he starts to get tired. There’s a lesser sandwich chain ahead (rhymes with grub-day) and Jack is tempted to pull over and cut his ride short. Instead, he imagines the thick, juicy, meaty goodness that awaits him in his Earth Fare Reuben.

    He decides to keep peddling. Upon arriving at Earth Fare, Jack enjoys his yummy sandwich made with real, whole, non-plastic ingredients, and realizes he’s just fit in a a great work out on the way!

    Going the extra mile bears great rewards.


    Kate McCarthy

  9. Jack hits the parking lot, pops the door to his SUV, but walks the length of the lot and back, giving the vehicle time to expel its hot air before entereing. Once inside, the XM radio upsets him because the sports reports all predict a terrible season for his beloved Vols. Irritated, he looks for music to soothe his savage breast. Once calmed, he arrives and places his order for the beloved Ruben. However, he can’t resist the sample of the delicious egg salad being offered that day. Yum! He’d forgotten just how good something so simple could be. The beautiful foods artfully arranged in the case naturally drew him in closer and soon he found that he had wandered past the wines into the cheeses. Today they had out the greatest Irish Cheddar! Oh, and the olive bar. Jack picked up a container and picked out about five different samples to have with his sandwich. SANDWICH! He had forgotten all about it by now so he rushed back to the front of the store to find it just being wrapped. Pulling his own folded sack from his pocket, he bagged his goodies for the trip back to the office. Feeling the sun on his face as he exited the store he stopped and decided to enjoy his treats at the tables there so he could people watch.



  10. This is an edited version of my previous response:

    Jack is going to have to run and skip, and take a sip or two of good ole Earth Fares bottled water to stay hydrated. On the way he is going to pass some fast food joints taunting him to get a great deal on their burger, fries, and drink, but what they don’t tell him is that that “great deal” is a whole day’s worth of calories which Jack is aware of so this is no temptation for him. He is just eagered to get his teeth sunk into that tender reuben sandwich consisting of their succulent corned beef topped with saurkraurt and topped with swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing on their undeniable great tasting homemade pumpernickel bread. Yumm! I’m now tempted myself. You think I can out run him even though I’m probably a little bit older and also a woman, but with a regiment of essential Earth Fare Vitamins I take daily to keep my body and mind strong, you’r darn bet I could!


    Carol Gibbons

  11. So Jack leaves his office after working hard for hours, anticipating the scrumptious ruben that awaits him at his favorite place to eat, earthfare. When he gets in his car, he realizes he has just the right amount of cash to buy the sandwich…thank goodness, because he doesn’t have time to stop at the ATM. He only makes it a couple of blocks from the office, when on the side of the road he notices a woman, with 2 small children holding a sign that says “stranded, out of gas”….not able to just ignore her, Jack pulls over and gives the woman $5….she was so very thankful, now she and her kids can get out of the cold and make it home. Feeling good about what he did, but still hungry…Jack decides to go on to earthfare and see if he can come up with something to eat for the $3 he has left. He makes it there, and when he gets out of his car, he sees a woman in a car next to him crying….he asks her if she is okay…..she sobbingly replies “I just dont have enough money to buy the herbal medicine I need… mother has cancer, and nothing else seems to work….” How short are you? asks Jack… “$3″ she replies. Jack couldnt leave the woman there crying, so he gave her the $3. She was so very thankful. Looking at his watch, Jack notices he only has 15 minutes to get back to work….as he is walking back to his car, he sees a young man, shivering. He asks the boy why he doesnt have a coat on….the boy replies he does not have one. So Jack gives him his…..he has a spare in the trunk, an old workcoat. The boy is ever so thankful. So hungry and broke, Jack gets to his car. He gets into the trunk to get the spare coat out….he puts it on, and when he put his hand in his pocket, low and behold, there was a twenty dollar bill! Jack grinned really big, ran into earthfare, got himself a ruben, a ginger beer and a gluten free cookie. He tipped the musicians playing outside the rest. He never told anyone this story, but everytime he thinks of it he grins, and remembers the best sandwich he ever had in his life. :)


    Wendy Whitehead

  12. Jack wanted a Reuben in the worst way.
    But it turned out not to be his day.
    Things conspired to thwart his plot
    And not just one thing, but quite alot.

    First, the key he locked in the car;
    Which assured his not going very far!
    Then his wallet he found to be empty,
    Creating concerns that his trip was pre-empted.

    So he called AAA to get his key,
    They soon arrived in response to his plea.
    Then he sped to the ATM
    To replenish his funds once again.

    Satisfied there’d be no more delays
    He drove on but ran into a maze.
    Roadwork conspired to change his route
    Soon his direction he began to doubt.

    Checking the GPS was to no avail;
    The detour seemed to go through hill and dale.
    Dark clouds started to gather up above.
    He was lost, but still drove and drove.

    His hunger became sharper every moment,
    But a Reuben was all he wanted.
    Nothing else would do for him,
    Even if he had to go through thick and thin!

    The rain came down in flooding torrents
    But he drove on and on, slow as a tortoise.
    Finally he saw a familiar sight,
    A sign saying ‘Earth Fare – Turn Right’!

    It seemed that his troubles were certainly done
    But they were actually far from gone.
    The rain kept coming so he coudn’t see,
    The widening sinkhole in the street.

    He tried to swerve, he tried to avoid
    That huge hole, that blasted void.
    Too bad for him, it didn’t work;
    The car went in, about 4 feet worth.

    Now what, he wondered in dismay.
    This is just not my day!
    He sat there a bit, thinking his thoughts
    On moving onward and getting out.

    He opened his door and slid out of the car;
    Climbed up the ravine that seemed so far.
    He made it out, cold, hungry and wet,
    And set out on foot to get that Reuben yet!

    He traveled a mile, maybe two,
    A sight for sore eyes was he.
    He saw Earth Fare like a mirage
    In front of his rain filtered gaze.

    At last, he thought, that Reuben is mine!
    But not just yet, it wasn’t quite time.
    In front of him appeared a man
    Who asked him for a helping hand.

    The man ignored Jack’s muddy clothes
    And asked him if he knew any prose.
    Jack was aghast, not believing his ears!
    So close, yet so far and this is what he hears?

    “Why do you want to know about prose?”
    Jack asked, practically nose to nose.
    A Reuben is all I want right now.
    No prose for you, no way, no how!

    “But wait!” Said the man quite loud.
    “I need to write a poem right now,
    About a man on a quest
    To get a Reuben that’s the best!”

    Jack looked at the man and
    Knew that he would understand
    The need to pen his own plight
    To get a Reuben that very night.

    So he wrote this prose, this poem, this ditty
    For the man who asked, but offered no pity.
    Jack wrote about his Reuben journey
    And when done, simply, said “Excuse me”.

    Into Earth Fare then he went
    Right up to the deli, Reuben-bent.
    They served him up a fantastic sandwich
    So juicy, so delectable, so delish!

    He savored each bite, one by one.
    After eating it all, a meal most hard-won,
    He wiped his mouth and walked away
    Thinking . . . after all that, it still was a good day!”


    Thea Barbato

  13. Jack drives to earth fare only to find that somebody is selling fair food right outside, this attracts obese people who are blocking the entrance to earth fare. Jack has to convince them to go inside to earth fare so he himself can get inside, thus helping the people find a better place to eat along with getting his rueben


    Aaron Snanigan

  14. When will a winner be announced?


    Carol Gibbons

  15. Hello Jack,
    We are the Manufacturers of a great product, a mix of nuts and spices called Dukkah. As you are about to open your new store in Indianapolis, we would appreciate the opportunity to have our local product at the store!
    Ruth Gal – Lekker Foods Inc


    Ruth Gal

  16. Hi Ruth – thanks for your interest in Earth Fare! Please email your information to and you will be directed to one of our grocery category managers.



  17. Darn Jack, I just signed up on the Earth Fare site and was dreaming of the chicken or veggie burgers from the new Earth Fare store in Louisville I was promised for my signup. No coupon other than a $1.00 salad coupon. I am so despondent I am going to the quikmart and get some Cheetos.



  18. Oh no! Don’t eat a greaseburger!! Have you signed up for Welcome Home on our website? Once you sign up here you should receive a coupon for your chicken or veggie burger.



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