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Posted by: earthfare | July 19, 2012 17 Comments

Jack Shoots a Tomato

Posted by earthfare

Our 4th Annual Take Your Tomato Contest is underway! Voting begins July 25th! Click here for details.

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17 Responses to “Jack Shoots a Tomato”

  1. I am very dissatisfied with the changes made to Earthfare. The deli items have been replaced with manufactured items that taste as such. The lunch prices are ridiculous. It is comparable to Crispers. I will no longer shop in your Tallahassee store. I am shopping at New Leaf Market now and look forward to the grand opening of Whole foods in January 2013.


    Dissatisfied Customer

  2. I have recently moved from South Carolina to Panama City Beach,Florida. Please, please open a store here. There is such a demand for quality, healthy organic food. I miss shopping at your store in Rock Hill and Columbia, South Carolina. I heard that at one time there were plans to open one here, but the economy tanked! There are over 12,000 regular residents, but at spring break, over 100,000 students are here to spend money. After that, Families visit and finally the “Snowbirds” arrive. As you can see, there is always room for your grocery store here in Panama City Beach, Fl.


    Debbie Burton

  3. Thanks for the info Debbie! I’ll pass along your interest to our real estate development team!



  4. I work for a developer in Canfield Ohio who is putting up an open air lifestyle shopping center. Could you please send me the name, address, phone number, and email of the appropriate person in your real estate department to send information to?

    Thank You,
    Mark Eckert
    Cell 330-518-2145


    Mark Eckert

  5. Debbie, if you want “quality, healthy organic food”, you’re going to have to go somewhere else. The buy out was in April was a total sell out of Earthfare’s founding principles. Almost all of their PREPACKAGED and MASS PRODUCED (and poor quality and poorer taste) deli items now have guar gum, carageenan, or some other filler/thickener in them – I spent almost 30 minutes today in a last ditch effort to find something from the deli my mom and I could eat for lunch. Their once incredible MacnCheese is now being made with “american cheese spread” (a HIGHLY processed food product) rather than the cheddar they have used since I started shopping in the home store in Asheville in 2007… and the personnel at both stores I use (Asheville and Johnson City) have even apparently been isntructed to lie about all this. It blows the mind. There are even trans fats (disguised by fancy names) in the “new and improved” pizza crust they are serving to kids on what used to be a great family night out on Thursday nights.
    I’ve sent 3 emails to the general email and no one cares. I suspect the new owners are Jewish because I’ve noticed a marked increase in Kosher foods… but I shop(ed) at Earthfare for health benefits from lack of fillers and preservatives (both make me sick – it’s not a psychological thing – it’s a physical thing). I used to commute an hour to Asheville to shop at Earthfare… then we had one open 6 blocks from my house… and now I commute an hour to Asheville to shop at GreenLife Groceries, a subsidiary of Whole FOods. Jack, what on EARTHFARE are you guys thinking? It’s been a huge huge huge disappointment. Unless things go back to the way they were (i.e. healthy and no lies), I’ll spend my annual grocery budget of about $13,000 elsewhere….and I know many many many neighbors who are doing the same thing.
    A very sad and frustrated former customer.


    Katherine ZImmerman, DVM

  6. You can email – thanks!



  7. Hi Kate,

    We hear you and I’m sorry you don’t feel that this is the case. What is the ingredient that is an artificial trans-fat in our new pizza crust? I’m concerned because it goes against our food philosophy. If this is the case, we will remove the product immediately and you will receive a $50 EF gift card for the discovery. I spoke to both our Specialty and our Food Service departments and they both assured me that the American cheese we are using meets our food philosophy and contains neither artificial ingredients nor artificial perservatives.

    Hope this helps!



  8. I went to the earth fare in Huntersville, NC. The manager’s name is Bobby. He is the best manager I have ever dealt with in my entire life+career. He nice, honest, helpful, hardworking, and everything else that is good in a person. He treats customers very well.


    Hardik Patel

  9. What is going on?? The bakery,deli and hot bar have all been donwgraded to frozen and prepackaged food and all of the above are LOUSY. BAD! BAD! BAD!. You folks could write a manual on how not to run a business.
    Unhappy former customer.



  10. I was so excited about Eartfare coming to the Huntersville area and that is my main store of choice. What I do not care for is being lied to. I don’t like receiving texts that tell me I get a free—– with a $5 purchase. Free means free and it means that I don’t have to buy a single thing to get something. Shame on you Earthfare and your CEO for using deceptive practices. These are the same practices that get big companies in trouble when offering sweepstakes but you” have to purchase a magazine to enter.” Wrong is wrong and I hope you stop this practice; it sends a bad message about your company and your values. I would rather shop somewhere else where they are willing to not lie to me to get me in the door.


    shawn hall

  11. Thanks for taking the time to let us know!!



  12. Hi Shawn, We require a purchase with our free item offers to keep them from being abused (ie, customers using the free coupon over and over again and wiping us out of product)! Our free coupons are meant to be one per customer and unfortunately there is no better way to control this. Thanks for taking the time to write us and express your concerns.



  13. I have loved shopping at your store since we moved to Tallahassee 19 months ago. The coupons are great! However recently you have made changes in the Deli department that are not in the customer’s best interest. We dearly loved the Rotisserie Chicken Salad and knew it wasn’t available every day, but when we returned from vacation we found that it has been eliminated from the Deli. Please, please bring it back!!! And rethink some of the other non-consumer friendly changes you have made.


    Gail Whitis

  14. Hi Gail – thank you for your feedback. I’ll make sure our food service team has a chance to read and review your comments. We’re currently making adjustments to make our customers happy!



  15. Please do open a store in Panama city , fl I think it would do very well, and I know I would shop there.



  16. Thanks for the suggestion!



  17. I love the tomato photo session with Jack…


    donna bailey

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