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Posted by: earthfare | June 29, 2012 11 Comments

Jack (& the Earth Fairy) Honor American Heroes

Posted by earthfare

Calling all Hometown Heroes! Join us Sunday, July 1st from 11am to 3pm for a FREE burger during our Burgers for Bucks event. It’s all about you – thank you for serving your community and your country!

Not a Hometown Hero? Join us for a $2 burger/veggie burger and $1 sides and you could WIN a NEW GRILL! Click HERE for details!

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11 Responses to “Jack (& the Earth Fairy) Honor American Heroes”

  1. Earth Fare reay has become my favorite store!


    Kristi Ingram

  2. Hello,
    I want you know how very disappointed I was today when I went to the Earthfare in South Asheville, NC and found that the wraps and sandwiches have all gone up terribly in price. The $5.00 lunch option is gone and the $7.50 choice that tooks its place consists of a half-wrap with more chicken salad and just a leaf of romaine lettuce and mayonnaise, all wrapped up in paper. We don’t need a huge amount of chicken salad. There are no chips and no box to put the wrap and soup in. The former wraps were MUCH better with a normal portion of chicken salad and mixed leaf salad. After years of enjoying my lunch at Earthfare on Saturdays. I will not be doing it anymore. I have been priced out of the lunches! Who makes these decisions? They obviously are not in touch with us regular customers. I hope someone will read my comments and get in touch with those of us who used to like to buy wraps at Earthfare. Thank you,
    Susan Tackett


    Susan Tackett

  3. Hi Susan – thank you so much for your feedback, it’s very important for us to hear from our customers! I’m passing along your comments to our Food Service team for review.



  4. I’m also very upset about the 5 dollar lunch special going away. I would not have been as upset if the price just went up but the new sandwiches/wraps are not nearly as good and take longer to make. They are not as big and you don’t get chips with them anymore. For the price increase you should at least still get the same amount of food. As a poor college student I cannot afford to pay that for lunch (if you buy a drink you easily hit $8+)



  5. Not sure where to post this but I must share the huge disappointment that I have recently experienced with the obvious shift the South Asheville store has made from being “local” to “corporate.” Earth Fare has always represented homemade, fresh, and local foods. Now the salad bar looks generic and the deli section with all the salads are shipped in from Pennsylvania. I use to buy several items from the deli several times per week but not anymore. You are becoming more like Ingle’s across the street and losing your unique appeal to selective shoppers. Here’s hoping the rest of the store does not fall victim to the corporate bean counters. Thanks for listening.



  6. Hi Tilson – thank you for your feedback. We have made some adjustments to our new sandwiches and we now have a $5 lunch option which will include half a sandwich and a seasonal side. We hope you’ll visit us again and give us another chance! We’re still making adjustments and your feedback is very important – thank you!



  7. Hi Roger – thanks for your feedback. We’re currently adjusting to our new program and making changes along the way – your comments will be passed along to our food service department.



  8. Seasonal side? Who cares? It used to be a half sandwich, soup, AND chips. You can’t suddenly give your customers LESS food for the same price. The deli stuff sucks now – tonight it was all crusted over on top, and nobody was buying. Seriously, I used to have to stand in line for deli stuff! Not a single person was buying any of it! It used to be like a beautiful bounty of natural foods! Now it looks like any old grocery store – bowls of sloppy macaroni salad and anemic coleslaw. WHAT HAPPENED?



  9. Everyone loves to be offended.

    Any increase in price MUST be because Earth Fare is trying to drive their customers away, right? Perhaps Earth Fare has too many customers and doesn’t need more. Yeah, that must be it.

    If people think that prices will ever (1) stay flat, or (2) go down, I would suggest you’re in for disappointments ahead. As the price of oil (and all its derivatives) increase, so, too, will the price of the goods you purchase.

    My recommendation would be to get to know the local producers, establish a relationship with them, and buy from them exclusively.

    Better still, if you have the ability, try to grow some of your own foods. I’m telling you, as the price of oil increases (and, it will, due to a finite supply and increasing demand), this will become even more important — if not mandatory.

    I lived in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina, and saw that we are too dependent on ALL grocery stores. It doesn’t take long to exhaust the supplies of a grocery store, should there be an interruption in the supply lines.


    For many of us (NC, SC, and TN), we live in reasonable proximity to smaller, local farms. So, let’s try to support them. If not by purchasing their items via Earth Fare and Green Life, then visit them at the Farmers Markets or drive to their farms.

    If we don’t, then we’ll end-up with FrankenFoods–GMOs, Pesticides, Factory Farmed, etc.


    Dr. Doom

  10. I used to shop at Earth Fare, Asheville East, often and get lunch/dinner and my organic groceries. I have Celiac disease and since you stopped labeling the ingredients, I can no longer eat there safely. As a customer who spent egads $$ there, I am very unsatisfied with all the changes that have been made and am now taking my business elsewhere. Earth Fare was unique and wonderful…whomever made these decisions to “change” made a huge mistake.


    Karen Bates

  11. Hi Karen – thanks for writing us with your concerns. We have received similar feedback from other customers and are currently creating new deli signs that will include the ingredients. In the meantime, there is a book with lists of ingredients at the deli counter and our deli team will be glad to help answer any questions!



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