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Posted by: earthfare | May 17, 2012 15 Comments

Jack Grills a Burger

Posted by earthfare

Burgers for Buck$ starts this Sunday, May 20th from 12pm-3pm at your local Earth Fare! And yes, we will also have veggie burgers available, as well as sides and drinks for a dollar. Bring your friends and family!

Burgers for Bucks

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15 Responses to “Jack Grills a Burger”

  1. You had me at bacon!


    Henry Kugler

  2. Jack,
    We just finished shopping at your store in Boone where we met a young man by the name of Austin L. who is a cashier. Just wanted you to know that his customer service was very good. He was most helpful during our visit and offered additional service which, resulted in making us feel special during our visit.
    Your Earth Fare Fans,
    Gary & Linda


    Gary Jordan

  3. please come to pennsylvania soon!!!


    Andrea Jenkins

  4. Thank you SO much for pointing this out to us! We love hearing about our team members doing good!



  5. Is the meat organic?


    Cathy Lewis

  6. When will Earth Fare come to New Orleans, LA


    C. Lewis

  7. We currently don’t have plans for New Orleans, but you never know what the future holds!



  8. They are not organic but they abide by our Food Philosophy!



  9. I think it’s unfair that you give text message discounts only to people who have phone that will take your code.



  10. This week you’re giving away a pound of non-organic peaches. Peaches are on the Dirty Dozen list of worst pesticide foods to eat. What kind of an offer is that to promote health???????



  11. Hi Kathleen – sorry for your frustrations. The peaches for the coupon are conventional and are coming from 2 of our family farmers. We are not always able to offer organic items for free due to cost, supply, or other reasons. But we love to give away items for free (on a weekly basis) and we also love to support our family farmers.

    If you’re interested, here are the websites to the two farms where we are getting our conventional peaches:

    I hope this helps – have a great day!



  12. came to nc yo come to my hood



  13. Hi I just wanted to ask a few questions because I am watching a movie called: Food Inc. and its talking about E.coli and a little boy died from it in 12 days, yes 12 days also there saying in the slotter houses they have there cows standing in there own manure. So i’m quessing my question is, is your meat like that? Also there saying they add ammonia to there meat to kill E.coli. Is that what you do? I know im asking so many questions but I just have one more. Are your cows eating grass instead of antibiotics to help them grow faster?



  14. Sorry About all the questions (:



  15. Hi Kay! Thanks for writing to us – we’re glad that you are concerned about your food, that’s why we are here! The meat we sell in our stores has no antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones and they have no added ammonia. We do offer some grassfed beef as well. Check out our Food Philosophy here: This should help answer a few of your questions and let you know what ingredients we ban in our stores.



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