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Posted by: earthfare | April 27, 2012 5 Comments

Jack and Team go to the Zoo!

Posted by earthfare

We opened our 26th store in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday! Just before the doors opened, Jack and Team had the chance to take a behind the scenes tour of the Columbus Zoo. What great neighbors in a great community! Thanks to everyone at the Columbus Zoo for a fantastic visit, and welcome Columbus to the Earth Fare family!

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5 Responses to “Jack and Team go to the Zoo!”

  1. I know the Columbus Zoo does some great conservation work and for that I am grateful. However, the practice of letting the public handle their animals is deplorable. I know it is their philosophy that if children see the endangered animals then they are more likely to be active in their conservation. This is not really true. How many people do you know that send money to help with the plight of an endangered animal and for its preservation in the wild? Did you? It only makes people more likely to go out and purchase an exotic pet. There are more “backyard” tigers in the US than there are left in the wild. (Do you need to touch a Van Gogh painting to learn the value of it?) Education about conservation is very important but not at the expense of creating more animals to live out their lives in cages.

    The bobcat you were petting is very beautiful but it is a predator. If it had bitten or injured you in any way, what do you think would happen to it? In many states, an animal only has to injure someone and it has to be euthanized. In the wild rhinos are extremely aggressive. Strong bars or not, if something set if off, somebody is getting hurt. What is the Columbus zoo doing to preserve the rhino in the wild?

    Did you know there is new legislation pending that would make it illegal for the public to come into contact with big cats? The numbers for big cat attacks across the US are staggering. While the Columbus zoo may have conservation in mind, it would be substantially less profitable for them if they could not parade out bobcats for the public to pet.

    The bottom line is this: animals should not be bred for lives in cages. Many zoos say they breed for conservation but the truth is they breed to make money.

    Please consider these comments the next time you go to a zoo or plan to post video of personal contact with wild animals.

    I’m sure quite a few of your customers would agree with my comments.



  2. Dear Mr. Murphy,
    My name is Rebecca Abaddi and I go to school at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Fishers,IN. I am a junior on the HSE Newspaper Staff(the Orb) and I am writing a story on the opening of Earth Fare (which will replace Borders) at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, Indiana. I was wondering if I could speak to you more on the subject. Please email me back as soon as you can. Thanks.-Rebecca


    Rebecca Abaddi

  3. My husband visited your store in Fairlawn. He has been counting the days until you opened in Columbus. We wish you a hearty welcome. I have already been there several times. Love it….thanks for coming…your meet rocks!


    Susan hart

  4. I stumbled onto the Columbus store by accident today. I LOVE IT.



  5. Thanks!



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