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Posted by: earthfare | March 27, 2012 8 Comments

Earth Fare’s Food Face-Off!

Posted by earthfare

Our Food Face-Off begins tomorrow, March 28th! Vote for your favorite foods to advance on Facebook and Twitter. The Champion will be released as a coupon to Earth Fare’ s social media outlets on Monday, April 2nd!
Food Face-Off coupon bracket

What are your predictions for the Round One winners? Any guesses on the overall Champion?

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8 Responses to “Earth Fare’s Food Face-Off!”

  1. Avocado! The best food on the planet!


    Linda Robinson

  2. Pineapple will beat avacado. Hummus will beat the other thing. Pirates booty will win the other side. Some will go for pirates booty. Healthmaniacs will go for pineapple. Overall winner? I would go for: PINEAPPLE!!!


    Nate Collins

  3. I don’t care which one wins! I just want to know when Texas will be a site for an earthfare store :( !!!???!!!



  4. Hi Nicole! We don’t have plans for Texas as of yet :( I’ll pass along your interest and maybe it will happen!



    I thought you’d be interested to hear about the upcoming family friendly community event, Dinner and Bikes, a month-long bike tour of the southeastern U.S. in April and May 2012. Joe Biel, founder of Microcosm Publishing, and Elly Blue, author of Everyday Cycling: How to Ride a Bicycle (Whatever your Lifestyle), engage guests in discussions about the value of veganism and exchange stories about bicycle recreation, controversy and bike travel adventure. Joshua Ploeg, vegan chef and author of the popular adventure cookbook, In Search of the Lost Taste, provides thoughtfully prepared vegan fare, and Joe Biel has brought along his traveling bookstore. Dinner and Bikes will be hosted by the Boone Bicycle Initiative at Espresso News, 267 Howard Street, at 7pm, Monday, April 30th. Tickets are on a sliding scale between $10-$20 and can be purchased at or at the door. RSVP on Facebook is optional For more information see or email me at

    I believe your community would enjoy this opportunity to connect with one another over food, books and bikes. Would you be interested in joining us and sharing information about this event?
    Nicole M. Lynch


    Nicole M. Lynch

  6. “I don’t even know what pimento cheese is because I’m not from the South.”

    Is that a Corley-ism? Hilarious! Great job, team.



  7. Avacado and Shrimp!!


    Mack Jones

  8. Pineapple and Shrimp gets my vote!


    Gwen Edwards

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