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Posted by: earthfare | January 27, 2012 9 Comments

Jack’s Great Grape Stomp

Posted by earthfare

Earth Fare partnered with the Biltmore Estate Winery to bring you Ambler’s wine. Watch as Jack and Rich make a visit to the winery to show you how to make wine the old fashioned way!

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9 Responses to “Jack’s Great Grape Stomp”

  1. Bravo!


    Elizabeth Allison

  2. Hi,
    I ‘m posting here in hopes that someone will take my concerns very seriously. It’s not a horrific story, don’t worry.

    I was very happy when Earth Fare opened a store in Tallahassee, FL recently. Its been barely a year and I don’t shop there anymore. Why? Well, the last few times I shopped, my experience was not that great. The people working are friendly, but they don’t keep the store clean. I stopped by last week, 3/3, to pick up one thing and I could see the store is looking like I exepected, dusty products on the shelves, floors filthy when entering the store, and the check out area was not so inviting. Please address this, as surely I’m not the only one feeling this way.

    I shop at the more expensive local co-op now, because they understand what it means to be a health food store and also project that image. I am waiting the opening of WholeFoods Market in hopes they can offer that stellar service as well as good value…I think that was the vision for Earth Fare, but the I believe the management has lost track of that vision.


    S. Jones


    S. Jones

  3. Hi – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have passed this along to the store manager and our Director of Operations so it can be addressed at the store.



  4. I am not sure where to send my request so I will post it here. I became a Earth Fare fan shopping at the Huntsville store. I would love Earth Fare to open in MIDTOWN Memphis. The news has reported that Whole Foods and Fresh Market are looking at Midtown (we all ready have both ) . I love Earth Fare and would love to have it in Memphis!


    Susan Thomas

  5. Thank you for your interest! I will pass it along to our real estate team!



  6. I have multiple food allergies and, while on a recent visit to Asheville, was impressed with the wide range of commercial products, in-house bakery items and deli items you have that are free of my allergens. I live in Brunswick, GA, and we are in desperate need of a store such as Earth Fare. Please consider Brunswick as a possible new location! Our closest Earth Fare is 3-3.5 hours distant from us.


    Carolyn Hillis

  7. I was playing the video and had to download Adobe Flash Player first just to see it, then it started and stopped, started and stopped, and it was disconcerting to hear the music and dialogue doing the very same thing. I went to Media Player on this ultra fast speed HP Pavillion desktop I just bought a month ago and tried 1/2 speed, normal and faster. Normal works on the playing window but it’s not on my Windows Media Player. Any clue as to how to get the background music and sounds, voices; etc. to flow smoothly? I am not sure what is not set right. I’m in the Greenville area and want to check out your new store there. I pulled up the map. I imagine it has organic foods. I grow vegetables myself out here in the country near Westminster, SC.


    Sharon Randall

  8. Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments! I’ll pass this along to our real estate/development team and let them know of your interest.



  9. Hi Sharon – I’m not sure why the video won’t play for you. You can also try watching it on our YouTube channel here:
    All of our stores provide a great amount of organic products. I hope you get a chance to stop by our store!



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