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Posted by: earthfare | January 12, 2012 24 Comments

Jack Learns How to Feed His Phone

Posted by earthfare

Our new texting campaign has Jack wondering, how do you feed a phone? Watch and see what he comes up with!

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24 Responses to “Jack Learns How to Feed His Phone”

  1. jack, i have tried on 2 different cell phones to text “eat” to 71700 without success.
    One cell phone account will not allow short code texting.
    the other seemed to send the text, but i received no coupon or a reply to the text.

    I would be happier if you just went back to the simple emailed coupons we have been happy with for the last 3 years.


    gary fluno

  2. What about those of us that don’t text? Is there going to be an option for us to get the same coupons and offers?


    Donna Huddleston

  3. i love this website cause it is so awsome


    ashley lover

  4. i love this store and well obviousley the web site as well as every thing else so just keep up the good work.


    ashley lover

  5. When will phone say, ‘Open Earth Fare in Savannah, GA’?



  6. I appreciate the online coupons, but still not the same savings offered to customers that text.


    Donna Huddleston

  7. SInce your learning to use your phone, may I make a suggestion and make the coupons for the store….smart coupons. What i mean is that I can e-mail the coupons I selected on your website to my smart phone and then at your store, I can use them. Many stores now have this option and it SAVES paper. Something I believe the store is concerned about.

    Thanks for considering!



  8. Great idea! I’ll pass it along and see what we can do – thanks!



  9. We are still sending the email coupons! The texts are just another way to reach our customers.
    If you have a signature on your texts, you’ll have to remove it before sending the message. Also, if you have a pre-paid phone or limited text messaging, you may need to contact your cell phone provider. If you’re still having trouble, please let us know so we can help! Send us an email at Thanks!



  10. We don’t have plans for Savannah yet, but we’ll look into it! Thanks for your interest – stay tuned!



  11. The coupons and offers will be different – our intentions are not to exclude – we’re simply trying to reach more people.



  12. So disappointed that the texting does not work on my Samsung Virgin Mobile Smart phone. Absolutely won’t work.



  13. Sorry for your troubles! Most pre-paid phones or plans with limited text messaging will not work with short codes, which is how we are able to send out our texts. Even though we launched a new texting program, we still plan to send out email coupons and have coupons to print on our website!



  14. So, Those of us who can’t get the text messages are excluded from the extra savings? :(



  15. We are just creating another way for people to access coupons, our intentions are not to exclude. We still send out our email coupons and have coupons available online to print or to pick up at the store!



  16. My phone does not have limited texting and I do not have a prepaid phone, yet the texting does not work on my phone. SumoText has been looking into it, but has dropped the ball after two messages between me and Matt Lozeau. This whole set up is totally unfair. I really want and need that $10 off coupon. I really want and need the special texted coupons especially since I don’t have a printer, but I DO have a smart phone. Please stop putting the onus of responsibility on the phone owners. Step up and take some responsibility as a company to fix the issues with your texting OR make the coupons and the special $10 coupon deal available to those who are having issues with your texting program. You may not intend to exclude, but that is exactly what is happening. If you don’t want to exclude, then go ahead and email me my $10 off coupon! Thanks!!



  17. Hi Theresa – Thanks for sending us your thoughts and letting us know of your problem. We will look into it on our end and contact SumoText to see about getting it fixed. Also, I wanted to let you know that you do not need a printer to redeem our email coupons. You can simply write down the PLU # and expiration date on the coupon and the cashier will accept it. You can also show the coupon on your smart phone.



  18. The Valentines day coupons came out yesterday and I can’t even see what they are. My Verizon subscription doesn’t include texting. I have always used the email coupons now they are being offered to some and not to others? I need to change my cell phone to shop at my favorite store, Earthfare! (we have been shopping here nearly daily for 4 + years) Please help!


    Joe and Layla Snyder

  19. We are still sending out the email coupons every week! We are not taking anything away, we’re just adding a new way to reach people. Verizon is one of the companies that works with 3rd party messaging, so you have the option of adding a texting plan if you want one. We also have coupon available online and in our stores!



  20. I am so disappointed. I found out my friend who can receive texts has been receiving awesome gifts and discounts. I would have liked some bubble bath, bogo on lobster tails, $10 off $25 purchase and chocolate covered strawberries. I guess it’s time to stop shopping at Earthfare. Let me know if you ever change your policy.


    Lee Seifert

  21. Hi Lee – thank you for your comments. We are pushing our texting campaign a lot right now since it is new. We still offer our weekly email coupons and have coupons available online and in our stores. Our intentions are not to exclude – we’re simply trying to reach out to more customers who may not check email on a regular basis but do receive texts. We realize that not everyone will be able to take advantage of our text coupons, just like some do not receive emails. We try to offer customers a variety of savings so that everyone has a chance to save at some point.



  22. How does one get in contact with Jack Murphy to express that the combination of an elderly cashier who doesn’t know any better than to keep her anti sediment toward people of a certain type out of the work place along with a belligerent manager who has no patience or diplomatic skills when addressing a misunderstanding with a customer leads to an unpleasant experience that causes the customers ( my wife and I ) to stop shopping at Earth Fare.

    As a local food producer who vends produce at local farmers markets I did not appreciate the scene that took place in view of a few other customers that made me look like a crook trying to defraud the store of the 5% discount I had been getting since I started shopping there 2 years ago. A simple ” sorry sir you do not qualify for the discount on account of your age ” would have been an accepted and appropriate response . Instead the manager lost his cool and got angry as if I was thief trying to cheat the store . I had never asked for a senior’s discount from the other cashiers , it had always been given to me . So I questained the cashier why I wasn’t getting one ,when all the other cashiers gave me one .

    The same customers you get at the Earth Fare in Bearden are potentially the same customers who will see me vending my produce at the local farmers market in the spring and summer. I don’t need bad advertising nor appreciate anyone attempting to tarnish my reputation in a public place. Getting it from a store’s employees that I’ve always speak highly of to my customers who engage in food conversation with me is disheartening .

    Other than that incident I’ve always enjoyed shopping at Earth Fare and have had only the best of experiences dealing with store employees while shopping there .Just ask the meat cutters about the guy with the white beard who buys a lot of meat and you’ll get an idea of my character if it’s in questain .

    The cashier and the manager who acted inappropately toward me are not assets to the Bearden store in the least . Like unfruitul fruit trees branches that grow in the darkness with little exposer to light , they are better to be pruned off the tree .They just sap energy .

    Steve Horton


    Steve Horton

  23. Sorry Jack, but I could not get the texting feature to work. Perhaps I am technically challenged or a bit late.
    Love you store here in Asheville not so much the Charleston store.


    donna bailey

  24. Hi Donna – Does your phone company allow short codes? There are a few companies that our texting program will not work with. Also try removing any signatures from your text message. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to contact us at



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