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Posted by: earthfare | December 21, 2011 30 Comments

Jack wants to be the first to say…

Posted by earthfare

Jack wants to be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hopefully the Earth Fairy doesn’t feel like he is stepping on her shoes…after all, she is in the business of holiday cheer!


Merry Christmas, from our Earth Fare family to yours!

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30 Responses to “Jack wants to be the first to say…”

  1. thank you


    vakeeshia archibald

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Our family appreciates the quality that you bring to our lives. The staff at the Auburn, AL store are the best. They are friendly, caring, and most importantly knowlegable. Every single department knows their product. They work hard and they keep the store clean and beautiful. They take the time to understand our needs and even make special orders, if needed. Thank you for opening such an amazing store in our little town.


    Susan Hill

  3. Have to drive 50 miles to get to Earth Fare in Chattanooga! Totally worth it!! Great products, great service, and such a generout company with us customers!! We really appreciate your living out such a good example!!
    Merry Christmas Earth Fare family!!


    Dona Horton

  4. Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I appreciate the great products you bring to our area. I love the store and the people that work there. I am proud of Earth Fare for not being afraid to say “Merry Christmas”. It’s what it is. :) I wish everyone a very happy CHRISTmas, and an incredible New Year !!! ~ Jeffrey


    Jeffrey Stephenson

  5. I agree with Susan!! The Auburn, AL Earth Fare is the best grocery store ever. I’ve been in other Earth Fare’s, and I must say, the friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff at this location take the cake!


    April Cran

  6. You all make this holiday season so special! All the super coupons helped me tremendously! What I love about your employees is that they display the true holiday spirit 365days a year…accomadating needs I may have or helping in every way possible….I love your willingness to GIVE BACk to this community and become a part of it….I wish allof your Earthfare family a happy, healthy 2012…Please keep “doing what you’re doing”! Sincerely, Susan Kimbrough


    Susan Kimbrough

  7. I love your store!!! I live in Fairlawn Ohio and i love this store and shop there all the time. The store carries a good variety of foods and the people there are curtious and helpfull.
    I also enjoy the weekly adds and coupons. Its about time that a grocery store opened that cares about the environment and what people put into their bodies. Heathly foods and promotes a healthy way of living. Thank you so much for giving people in this country a great place to shop and having the opportunity to enjoy life through a healthly life style! Sincerely, Carolyn


    Carolyn Gilbert

  8. Until Monday, I had never been in Earth Fare….Boy! I did not know what I was missing! I absolutely love this store on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga. Earth Fare is such a generous store and I will be back again and again!


    Patricia Tate

  9. Wonderful products and love the variety of healthy foods including your chicken rolls. My very favorite. The poultry and meats are very good and I love the freshness of your products. I am a health food guru. Thank you for bringing the store to my neighborhood where it is convenient to drop in and shop whether from home or my way home from work.

    Merry Christmas and a very safe and healthy New Year.


    Mari Pelfrey

  10. Merry Christmas to Jack and all the staff at earth Fare at SouthPark. I love being able to buy oh so fresh fruits and vegetables, the salmon, chicken, lamb, and beef are so delicious!
    The staff is so helpful and cheerful, if I were younger I’d love to be part of your team.


    Louise DAmato

  11. Thanks for the Christmas wishes and hate to be a grinch but have (along with 23 other folks I’ve spoken with) really become annoyed by the drop in quality in your prepared foods section.

    We have complained about that to employees in the Charleston store (talking about reduced size and increased prices for such things as croissants and the drop in quality for prepared salads, etc not to mention the dropped breakfast service).

    In response to these complaints — by nearly 2 dozen people –your employees tell us “corporate is dictating things, making us follow standard rules” etc.

    To our collective mind, these actions look like the strategy of some cost-cutting accountant, paying maximum attention to ‘bottom line’ and ‘margin’ while ignoring customer satisfaction.

    Trust this complaint won’t draw a “Bah Humbug” response but you should know that you’re about to lose a fair number of customers as a result of these actions.


    Dennis Maxwell

  12. Hi Dennis. Thanks for the feedback. Quality and customer service are extremely important to us! I’ll pass along your comments and see how we can improve the experience in your store. Merry Christmas!



  13. Merry Christmas! We have to drive a long distance to get to our local Earthfare but it is well worth it! My family recently moved from the Northwest, i am finding being a Vegetarian in the south is much more challenging. Thanks to Earthfare we are able to stock up on all our meat free needs. We also really really appreciate your military discount. Thank you!



  14. Merry Christmas from Athens Ga.
    Thank you for having an Earth Fare in Athens.
    The staff is the best,they are friendly and professional
    And the food is awsome.


    marisa bilbao

  15. As a health-wise shopper I was happy to see you open at Westgate in Fairview. I am always looking for a good source of organic natural foods all in one place, but I was very dissapointed. The mixed salad greens that were there were $3 a box more expensive than other stores that carry the same brand. They were featuring Australian Beef. I’ve had Australian beef before and I don’t like it. It tasts to me and my husband like it wasn’t properly bled when they butcherd it. Years ago I was an Ohio beef producer an I know what I’m talking about. They had pet foods and treats that are from China. I don’t think that I will be going back any time soon.



  16. dropped by the gso store last night.wanted to pick up some beef and an organic chicken. saw no whole organic chicken, only turkey that exp on 12/26 sitting on the shelf.Not marked down.this was about 8 pm. not that i would buy a bird with no date left on it but thought it was poor idea. Then i went on to the case. meat guy in the back never looked up to greet me.a couple walked by and she made mention of the case looking like it was old meat. it did. they went on by without a word or a glance from the meat cutter. i did the same.


    rob newsom

  17. Rob, We’re so sorry that you had that experience in one of our stores! We will forward your comments to the store, so that they can address the issues in the future. Thank you for letting us know.



  18. Therese, We’re sorry that you had that experience at the Fairview store. I’ve sent your comment along so that we can evaluate the pricing and quality issues taht you mentioned. Thank you for letting us know.



  19. Visited your store at Fairview Park today and loved it! I work at The Fresh Market in Shaker heights, Ohio and would love to be apart of your team if you ever decide to open a store on the Eastside of Cleveland. Buy the way you have working for you at that store a very good friend and my previous store manager from The Fresh Market, Jamie Thomas. Your gain and my loss.!! Good luck and I know you will be a great sucess.


    Karin Forristell

  20. Jamie’s awesome! You’re right, we’re lucky to have him! Glad you enjoyed your visit. Keep an eye out for job postings on our website:



  21. Well, Jack and the Earth Fairy passed over the Asheville, NC stores, but Scrooge paid a visit by firing all of their undocumented workers. Please, set aside the legal aspects and consider: the axe fell just before X-Mas, families were devastated & many were single mom’s, many worked at EF for years, most of these families are desperately poor. Jack and the Earth Fairy couldn’t muster up enough ” holiday cheer ” to wait until the new year. Compassion, goodwill…Bah, Humbug!!


    Bob Shepherd

  22. We agree that is was unfortunate timing. But, as you mentioned, once we were notified by our audit we had a legal obligation to respond. There is no good time to lose valued team members. Thank you for your feedback.



  23. The new year has started off great! I wanted to spot-light Lisa Austin assistant kitchen manager in charleston Sc for making “itty bitty” kids night run smooth and fun for our team in food service Thanks!


    David Sullivan

  24. Use E-verify before hiring workers – it’s free and it’ll save you from bad press. Undocumented workers = do not hire, that’s more than just common sense, that’s the law.



  25. I think i’ll go shop at the Asheville, NC store now that they are hiring and using AMERICAN CITIZENS as employees! Thanks for looking out for out of work AMERICANS (even if you were forced to by law)



  26. thanks for the info I’ll definitely return

  27. My family and I want to eat healthy but it is hard on $172 a month. My wife and I and our 7 year old son are allowed $172 a month for ebt stamps. I have been out of work for 7 months and my wife’s business as a hair stylist is very slow. How can we afford to buy organic with $172 and eat for a month?
    Thank You



  28. We understand that an organic diet on a budget can be difficult. We are doing what we can to help with the big discounts offered through our private label items, weekly Welcome Home offers, monthly promotions, and quarterly coupon booklet. Good luck to you and your family!



  29. When will you open in Las Vegas, nv.



  30. Hi Dan – Unfortunately we don’t have plans for Vegas…but you never know what the future holds!



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