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Posted by: earthfare | October 30, 2011 22 Comments

Trick or Trade In!

Posted by earthfare

Trick or Treat…then, come TRADE!

That’s right. Don’t overload on the artificial sweets this Halloween — instead, come trade up at Earth Fare!

This week (November 1-5), we’re offering healthy goodies to anyone who brings in their candy full of artificial ingredients to trade with us! Depending on how much candy you have to trade, you can get treats like goodie bags full of healthy snacks, free Itty Bitty Bites kids meals, or even a free lunch box!

We’ll be trading all week long, but the big party will be at Family Dinner Night on Thursday from 4-8 pm. Ask your store for all the details on the Earth Fare Trick or Trade In.

Have fun, be safe, and have a Happy Halloween! We’ll see you at the Trick or Trade In.


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22 Responses to “Trick or Trade In!”

  1. What is in each of these – Goodie Bag, Itty Bitty Bites Kid’s Meal, and Itty Bitty Bites Lunch Box?



  2. The kids meal is from this menu:
    And the goodie bags / lunch boxes will contain a selection of coupons, Enjoy Life brand cookies, activity books, temporary tattoos, and Late July brand crackers.



  3. LOVE THIS!!!



  4. What’s happening to the candy that everyone is turning in? How can I get some of that?


    Candy Man

  5. What happens to all the candy that is trade in?



  6. What are you guys going to do with all the candy?



  7. I’ll check for you – what do you all suggest we do with it?



  8. What about sending it to the troops overseas?



  9. I think you should make some art work out of all that candy!!!



  10. Well our dentist is giving a $1 per pound of candy then sending it to operation gratitude for the troops over seas. Here is the link and I think this would be a good way for Earthfare to give back.



  11. Oh yeah even if you don’t pay because you are giving out other things I think this is a great way to support our troops and get the bad stuff off the streets!



  12. Send the candy to our Troops please.



  13. Some dentists collect it and send it to the troops overseas. Just an idea.



  14. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!!



  15. I say send it to the troops…there fighting for our to speak are kids can go trick a treating..I say they deserve it..



  16. where r they located?



  17. Tina, you can find a list of our locations here:



  18. To Earth Fare
    I would like to see more variation on the hot bar. seeing “left overs” day after day is disappointing. Many customers frequent the food bar and I, for one, would visit daily if the menu would change.


    Treva Johnson

  19. I understand the idea of supporting our troops and giving them something they can enjoy but why are we eager to remove all the sugar and chemicals from our kids but want our troops to eat it? The last thing their bodies need is further stress trying to cope with all those toxins (sugar, chemicals, artificial colors). Why not buy some better snacks and treats and send them over?



  20. Hi Rachel – We think it’s a great idea to send all-natural treats to our troops and we’ll consider it in the future. We are committed to providing the active and reserve troops healthy options, which is why we offer them a discount every day. The dirty candy that we collect is being thrown away, not donated to anyone. If you have heard different at one of our stores, please let us know so we can correct them!



  21. I went to the Earth Fare in Farragut, TN on Nov 5 with a huge bag of candies, but surprisingly two staff members told me that I could not do the trade-in because it was only on Nov 1, even though I remember from the website it was from Nov 1 to Nov 5. The kids and I were very disappointed. I would appreciate if the Farragut store can explain this.



  22. Hi Christine – Our Trick or Trade-in took place only on November 1st this year ( We had a few stores in Ohio that postponed their date due to Hurricane Sandy – is this where you read about different dates for this year? (This blog post is from 2011)



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