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Posted by: earthfare | October 10, 2011 5 Comments

Wellness Gift With Purchase!

Posted by earthfare

Jack’s here to tell you about our new FREE GIFT with a $25 Wellness Purchase! Buy your shampoo, your essential oil, or any other Wellness goodies – as long as you spend $25, the free gift bag is yours! These bags are a limited supply, so stop by and get your free gift with purchase today!

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5 Responses to “Wellness Gift With Purchase!”

  1. You should carry Kathie McCurdy Botanical Art cards in your Fairlawn store. They are carried at your competitor, The Mustard Seed and are beautiful! Kathie has been trying to contact the buyer and has sent samples to the corporate office through Susan, your supplement manager in Fairlawn, OH but never heard anything.



  2. Does “wellness” include supplements?



  3. Really wish you guys would bring Earthfare to California. It would do amazingly well here. Sacramento would love it.



  4. We have been eating at your westgate store here in Asheville for several years, buying some thinmgs for 20 years but eating the freshly made entrees, sides and WONDERFUL PIZZA/dough for several years in ou pre retirement/childless days. Cholesterol levels are dowh thank you BUT TO our HORROR just the other day we found our favorites were no longer there!!!!!!!! Foods shipped in? NO!!! NO!!! Thios is EARTHFARE! it is supposed to be FRESH and LOCAL!!! Who is the moron making these decisions??? Even Whole foods has locally made fresh select. Talk about betraying a community you did it earthfare!!! We will go elsewhere and make our own until you get it together!!!!!! BRING back the pizza dough you made here! the red sauce and everthing to go with it!!! Your tuna now taste like mayo with a little tuns flavor and WE don’t want your food shipped in. WE want the fresh made on site!!! WE want our earthfare back with the same principleles as the founder! We don’t want corporate earthfare and will not support it if you don;t keep the same values and fresh food from before!!! This is ASHEVILLE, the ORIGINAL inspiration, GET WISE or DRY UP! WE WILL spread the word!!!


    Sarah and Ed Tamasovich

  5. Hello – thank you for sharing your comments with us. We are currently in the process of reviewing the new programs and are continuing to make adjustments. Your feedback is very important to this process and will be passed along!



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