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Posted by: earthfare | July 26, 2010 27 Comments

Earth Fare’s Military Discount

Posted by earthfare

In this video, Jack explains our Military Discount. Check out the video:

Earth Fare Web Video Series: Jack explains Earth Fare Military Discount

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27 Responses to “Earth Fare’s Military Discount”

  1. Happy to hear EarthFare is offering a military discount, however, I think it’s sad that this is not extended to veterans. Did they not benefit this country as well? Does my husband’s eight years of service, two tours of duty and time as a POW mean nothing?


    Toni Turbeville

  2. I think this is great that you’re now offering military discount. I just have one problem…. what about retired military? My husband served his country for 20 years. Doesn’t that count for something? I see this happen a lot to veterans and it’s a shame cause they deserve discounts too.


    Katheryne Wilson

  3. My husband is retired military with full benefits. Do we qualify for the military discount? It would help us as he’s on a fixed income and we are raising one of our grandchildren.
    Many people come up to him when he has his “U S Navy Retired” ball cap and thank him for his service–he also thanks others he sees in uniform or with their “ball caps.”


    Wanda DeMott

  4. Thank you for providing this discount! My husband is on his 2nd deployment and we have three daughters under the age of 4 -so eating healthy & organic is very expensive.



  5. This really hits home for us and means a tremendous amount. We try to shop at EF all that we can but as most families we are on a budget. This discount says so much about the type of compassionate and giving company you are. Thank you for this and most importantly for supporting the Military and their families.


    amanda campbell

  6. From a mother who’s son is in Iraq….thank you!
    My son’s wife is outside Charleston and has the pleasure of shopping in your store. Please tell me you will be adding more stores….Seneca or Walhalla, SC?


    Nancy Rust

  7. [...] Fare’s Military Discount August 3, 2010 by Laura Earth Fare announced recently on the CEO’s blog that they offer a 10% discount to all active and reserve members of [...]

  8. Nancy – Thank you for your post and comments. We are working on opening stores in Tallahassee, FL and Montgomery, AL. We will consider the Seneca and Walhalla areas for future possibilities. Thanks again – Jack



  9. We do appreciate all the men and women who have served in the United States military past or present.
    Earth Fare’s new military discount was introduced company-wide, to offer access and support to the military families who currently struggle with a fixed income to provide healthy and organic options for their kids.
    While many individuals have expressed their disappointment that Earth Fare’s new military discount does not extend to veterans, we do offer other discounts that may apply to you including a student/faculty discount, senior citizens discount and Family Dinner Night, where kids eat free with the purchase of a $5 adult meal.



  10. We are in the process of moving to the Asheville area and love shopping at EarthFare! We have a son with special needs who is on a special diet and I almost cried the first time I shopped at your bakery-lots of great muffins and breads he can eat! However, I would love to see the military discount extended to retirees. My husband served 20+ years in the Air Force, flew combat missions over Iraq, and as a family we made a lot of sacrifices so he could serve our country. Please consider extending the military discount to those of us who made the military a lifetime commitment!


    Janet Presson

  11. One more reason for me to continue to drive 46 miles (one way) to shop at Earth Fare. Thank you for providing food I can trust and Thank you for the military discount.


    Sumter SC resident

  12. Jack… I am a veteran of 30 years service to my country. I have read the other entries concerning the military discount and am still unhappy that it is not extended to veterans. From our perspective, you are providing the discount to those who may have served 1 to 4 or more years and to those who may never have been deployed (reserves) but are not recognizing those of us who served 20 or 30 years. Though richly deserved by those who are getting the discount, we feel that it is a slap in the face to those who have served longer and are not getting the discount. Thanks for listening. Ken


    Ken Williams

  13. I agree that retired military with a Military ID should be included. I did 28 years of service.
    A veteran who is separated or not retired will not have a Millitary ID. You could offer a discount to all veterans on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to honor all military who haved served.


    Steve Erwin

  14. As a veteran during Vietnam I also would like to ask that you extend your discount to veterans. I would appreciate that courtesy also. I shop regularly at Earth Fare and feel your location is right near the VA in Johnson City. All us vets would appreciate the same courtesy you extend to active duty. Many veterans are on fixed incomes also,are disabled etc. Please reconsider your discount and extend it to the rest of us. We all have VA cards to prove our service. I don’t believe you would regret the decision. Please don’t be so selective…we served just as much as those serving now!!!!


    Beth B.

  15. I thoroughly enjoy shopping at Earth Fare and appreciate the high quality of foods offered to customers. I too would appreciate the extension of the military discount to retirees of the military. My husband served 25 years in the military and is totally and permanently disabled as a result of a service-connected injury. A 10% discount would go a long way for our family and further endear us to Earth Fare. Thank you for your consideration and for all of your efforts to meet your customers’ needs.


    Resident of Fort Mill SC

  16. Beth,
    Thank you for your comment and your service! We will absolutely take your opinion into consideration.



  17. Thank you for your feedback!



  18. I joined the new Earth Fare store in Fairlawn Ohio on line last week or 2 weeks ago. I haven’t received any coupons on line. I did go into the store today and they said you post them on Tues. & Weds. i do i make sure I ge them?


    lynda fahey

  19. Lynda, email us at and our tech team will be happy to help you!



  20. Since learning that as a veteran of 22 years I can not get a military discount; I will not be continuing to shop at Earth Fare. One thing that is great about our constitution is that we all have certain freedoms. As Earth Fare has demonstrated it’s freewill to not offer a discount to veterans; I exercise my rights to shop elsewhere.

    Thank-you for slapping those of us in the face who have defended your freedom.



  21. As a veteran, you are eligible to receive our discount. I’m sorry you were told otherwise!




    Not According to your August 9th, 2010 at 9:14 am post. I think the problem lies in the fact that most Civilians don’t understanding the Military Culture.
    The Veteran thought process is one of service and is whole heartedly akin to sacrifice. Many have given so-much in honor of this country, from their limbs to their livelihood. My point is that the average Veteran indeed understands the true meaning of service and the firsthand consequences of protecting our country.
    Are we bitter… NO, in fact, I would dare say that most of us would do it all over again. Still, if you notice, most of your posts in response of your actions are from disappointed Veterans. Men and women who feel that Earth Fare has moved to under mind their sacrifice.
    Now as a business consultant, I could easily dissect and formulate by conception my perceived analysis of your marketing strategy.
    I.E.: Active Duty + Active or inactive Reserve = an Active or consistently received Government Check…
    or try this one: Deployed Soldiers + the Health conscience spouse (with an active I.D. Card) = Consistent increased earnings.
    Here’s and ugly one: Injured Vet + Fixed income – loss limbs in service = undesirable consumer.
    That said, it is obvious that your marketing strategy under minds the perceived worth of a Veteran and clearly insults a Veterans intelligence.
    Still, I thank you for taking care of our Active duty and Reserve Service members, because no-matter how long we go forgotten, as Veterans we will never forget our core values …we will continue to care for our soldiers… And we will continue to remain undivided.



  23. I am a store manager for Earth Fare and I can tell you that I got this policy changed a few months back. We now give the discount to retired military, if the store you shop at for some reason does not know about the policy change ask to speak with the location manager and he can call our home office and they will inform him if the change. We get a lot of information as Store Managers maybe some didn’t see the email.



  24. As a disabled veteran with 13 years service (but not retired) receiving a VA disability check, I know my income is more “fixed” than all but the lowest of enlisted ranks. Why are veterans who didn’t retire left out like our service doesn’t matter?


    Donna Ghost Bear

  25. I certainly support a discount for those with military service and thank Earth Fare for doing this. (My husband is a vet.) But I am writing here because I could not find another site to complain about the senior discount. For some reason Earth Fare now calls it a “wisdom discount.” As a senior, I find that extremely patronizing. I sure am a senior but I could also be dumb as a stump. In fact, instead of a wisdom discount, it should be called the “wizened discount.” That would make more sense.


    Rosalind A.

  26. Hi! Thank you for sending us your opinion on our senior discount – we love receiving customer feedback! A few of stores started calling our senior discount the “wisdom discount” and they received a ton of positive comments on the change. Our CEO noticed and decided that all stores should call it the “wisdom discount” from now on. I will pass along your comments! Thank you :)



  27. Regardless to whether or not you give the discounts to Vets or disabled Vets (still Vets) or even Reservists, I applaud you for what you are doing. I am a Vet, I have been active, and Reserve and I am now National Guard on active duty. I have multiple overseas deployments but even if I did not, and even if I were not eligible I want you to know you are doing a good thing. You can’t please everyone, and even members of the military forget to appreciate the little things. It is not our right to get a discount, it is your decision to take the profit loss in some cases to give it to us. If you helped one Armed Forces Member, then I thank you. For those who are ungrateful, shame on them. Even our Military does not treat active, reserve and retired the same, so why should you be held to a higher standard. Some people cannot accept the good being done unless it is for them. If they don’t like it, then they should shop somewhere else! But here is the ultimate question, are they shopping somewhere else because they are getting a discount there or because they are upset that their brothers or sisters in arms got the benefit and they didn’t? To all you complainers would you rather for all the military to lose the benefit because of your jealous bitterness? What happened to your Warrior Ethos of looking out for your brother? Try asking for a military discount at Wal-Mart and see what they say. Grow up folks; it is not just about you! Again, Thanks Earth Fare, some of us appreciate what you are doing for our brothers and sisters.



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